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The Unexpected Spy details the incredible true story of Tracy Walder.

Walder happened to meet a CIA recruiter at a jobs fair and was recruited by the agency while a USC student and Delta Gamma sorority sister. She would spend the next five years as a covert operative for CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, assuming aliases, thwarting terrorist attacks, and hiding in the trunks of cars on her way to debrief terrorists at black sites.

Weekly Meeting

When: Wednesday Noon to 1 PM
Where: Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association
420 E. Britton Road OKC, OK 73114

Free to those 18 years old and under.
Free to college students 21 and under.
$5 entry for all others.

Full lunch $10 | Catered by Nan's Catering.

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First: we find the right candidates to support. Using a survey and a public interview process, our group is able to determine a candidate’s worldview, understanding of the issues, speaking ability, and passion to make a difference.

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