Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee

The mission of OCPAC is to promote and support public servants who oppose expansive government while promoting Constitutional liberty, free markets, and a Biblical Worldview.  So, how does OCPAC accomplish this mission?

First: we find the right candidates to support.  Using a survey and a public interview process, our group is able to determine a candidate’s worldview, understanding of the issues, speaking ability, and passion to make a difference.

Second: we help good candidates get elected by providing funding, volunteers, endorsements, and media coverage.

Third: we hold leaders in the state accountable by helping to create the annual Conservative Index, a rating system which lawmakers both revere and fear, since it grades their actual votes against a truly conservative standard.  We use the Conservative Index to decide who will receive awards of honor, and who will need to receive continuing education and pressure to govern better in the future.  Those candidates who have been supported by OCPAC average near the top on the Conservative Index.

Finally: we are accomplishing our mission by educating an ever-increasing number of citizens through social media and our regular newsletters which reach thousands of homes.  When citizens understand the principles of good government, they are better able to identify which leaders and policies to support or oppose.  Join us in making Oklahoma a more free and godly state in which to live.

OCPAC frequently hosts premier speakers. See our upcoming events and past speakers below.