June 23, 2019

One of President Trump’s most popular campaign promises was that he would “kill” TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), and NAFTA. True to his word, he did kill TPP on his first day in office. The promise was that the US would engage one on one with other countries in unilateral trade agreements. “Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo,” was a slogan that resonated deep within the American people, and Mr. Trump was elected. However, we now have the USMCA, negotiated by US Trade Representative, Robert Lighthizer (Council on Foreign Relations), as an agreement between the US, Canada, and Mexico. This agreement is the “renegotiated NAFTA.” President Trump and his administration are pushing for a vote soon on USMCA. Why should this concern us as “Americanists?”

The reason we should oppose ALL multilateral “trade agreements” is they all involve the surrender of US Sovereignty to internationalist bureaucrats. These agreements are NOT about free trade. They are about CONTROL. The USMCA, like ObamaCare, has provisions for the environment, immigration, control of waterways, and several other issues as it currently stands. One huge problem, however, is USMCA, just like ObamaCare, really isn’t complete. Once it is passed and the regulators start adding to it, there is nothing Congress will have to say about it. Like ObamaCare, it will grow in size and scope until it dwarfs the monster it already is.

What is “free trade” in reality? Two countries get together, agree not to interfere with each other’s business dealings, and it’s done. It really is that simple…if it’s really FREE TRADE. Ask yourself why a supposedly free trade agreement has thousands of pages of regulations, dealing with so many things that shouldn’t have anything to do with actual trade.

Under NAFTA, the US lost millions of jobs, and entire companies went to Mexico for cheap labor. According to Richard Haass, President of the globalist CFR, said in a tweet on October 2, 2018, “USMCA is NAFTA plus TPP plus a few tweaks…” Does that sound like “Americanism” to you?

Bob Linn has enclosed all the phone numbers of Senators and Congressmen, so you can call and tell them to oppose USMCA. Please feel free to read the actual agenda covered by this sovereignty killing agreement at USMCA.com. Then, start asking the question for each of the items in the agreement. The question is, “Why is this included in a supposedly free trade agreement?”