Professional Oklahoma Educators

Ginger Tinney is the leader of POE. Her conservative, pro-America, God-honoring anti-woke professional teachers association is an alternative to the leftist NEA Surrogate, the OEA. At their current rate of growth, POE membership is on track to overtake OEA in 3-5years. This trajectory is evidenced by OEA’s relentless and vicious attacks on POE, exclusionary tactics against them and ad hominem attacks on Ginger and her family.

Upcoming Events

Time and Date: TBA

The Unexpected Spy details the incredible true story of Tracy Walder.

Walder happened to meet a CIA recruiter at a jobs fair and was recruited by the agency while a USC student and Delta Gamma sorority sister. She would spend the next five years as a covert operative for CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, assuming aliases, thwarting terrorist attacks, and hiding in the trunks of cars on her way to debrief terrorists at black sites.

Past Events


In view of the recent events at President Donald Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago, Wade Burleson will make connections to his all-time most requested presentation on the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The details of the history of the night of the assassination stretch over a period of many years, many states, and end in Enid, Oklahoma.  It is the documented trail of details and the shadow they cast on our government that have made this Wade Burleson's most requested speech.


Donnie Anderson, Director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs will speak about the state of illicit trafficking in Oklahoma. Dan Chepkauskas, Director of Patient Choice Coalition, will talk about some of the abusive policies they are fighting in the State Legislature to enable you to better manage your health care.

Trump Chief of Staff Alex Gray


Trump Staff Chief, Alex Gray addresses the infiltration of China into all aspects of American government, economy, entertainment, education and