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These were submitted by attorney Jonathan Krems, who served as the Deputy Legal Council and Parliamentarian for the OKGOP under Chairman John Bennett.  Jonathan Krems may be found at Liberty Legal, a law firm focused on business law and litigation.  You may find Liberty Legal here.


District Judges


District 5, Office 2

Comanche, Cotton, Jefferson, and Stephens County

Re-elect Judge G. Brent Russell


District 5, Office 3

Comanche, Cotton, Jefferson, and Stephens County

Neil West


District 5, Office 4

Comanche, Cotton, Jefferson, and Stephens County

Re-elect Scott Meaders


District 5, Office 5

Comanche, Cotton, Jefferson, and Stephens County

Grant Sheperd


District 7, Office 2

Oklahoma County

Kaitlyn Allen


District 7, Office 3

Oklahoma County

Re-elect Amy Palumbo


District 7, Office 5

Oklahoma County

Jason Seabolt


District 7, Office 13

Oklahoma County

Re-elect Nikki Kirkpatrick


District 7, Office 14

Oklahoma County

Kathryn Savage

Note: her opponent, James Siderias, who is a sitting special judge which is being supported by the legal establishment, is a registered Democrat.  Judge Savage is also a sitting special judge, but is a registered Republican


District 14, Office 12

Tulsa County

Kevin Gray


District 14, Office 13

Tulsa County

Kyle Alderson


District 17, Office 1

McCurtain, Choctaw, Pushmataha County

Emily Maxwell Herron


District 21, Office 1

Cleveland, McClain, and Garvin County

Re-elect Michael David Tupper


District 23, Office 1

Lincoln and Pottawatomie County

Joe Dobry


Associate District Judges

Note from Jonathan Krems:

The following are my recommendations for Associate District Judge, but these races are on the June ballot.  This is because there is more than 2 candidates for each of the races listed below.  If any candidate for Associate District Judge gets more than 50% on the June ballot, then they are declared the winner, and there will be no election in November for that office.  Otherwise, the top two candidates will proceed to the November ballot.


Associate District Judge

Grant County

Steven A. Young


Associate District Judge

Latimer County

David Hale


Associate District Judge

Oklahoma County

Re-elect Judge Richard Kirby


Associate District Judge

Rogers County

Sue Nigh


Associate District Judge

Wagoner County

Steve Money