Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Having arrived at the end of Oklahoma’s 2018 election cycle, OCPAC recommends, as it always has, that you help us get out the vote for each of the Republican candidates who have made it to the ballot.

As OCPAC’s new president, I do, however, have comments on some of the races with the hope that you will understand the importance of these select races and encourage your friends to get out the vote and to actually vote on election day.

Before getting to those specific races, I’d like to comment on the State Questions.  This section is in process.


Link to Oklahoma State Election Board

State Question 793

Allows Optometrists and Opticians to practice inside retails stores and allows those stores to sell prescription glasses.

VOTE YES   We think the optometrists supporting the “YES” vote on 793 deserve equal opportunity in a fair market to compete with those optometrists urging a “NO” vote.  We know also that our prescription eyewear will be less expensive if SQ 793 passes.  You may watch advocates for both sides debate the issue at OCPAC here.

State Question 794


VOTE YES   This is the easiest of our five state questions to comment on.  Perpetrators have had more rights than victims over recent years.  Among other things, this will grant the victim the right to to be notified of the defendant’s release or escape from custody.  You can read what the proponents say here.

State Question 798

This measure would require each political party to place their candidates for both Governor and Lieutenant Governor on the same ticket

VOTE NO   In the 25 states where the gubernatorial candidate picks his running mate, the choice is made primarily to find a person who can attract votes he would otherwise not get. This has lead to political compromise rather that clear political focus.

Even more insidious is the use of the “twin ticket” as a way for political operatives like George Soros to squeeze a far left extremist on the ticket knowing that most of the political microscope will be on the lead candidate and not on his running mate. An example is the Democrat’s nominee for Lt. Governor in Michigan, Garlin Gilcrist. His African-American heritage is an asset to garner Detroit voters, but he is also the former National Director of Does Oklahoma want to open itself up to this kind of gerrymandering? Opportunities for political manipulation are already abundant without providing even another crafty little tool for evil in Oklahoma’s political battlefield.

State Question 800

Creates a new fund called “The Oklahoma Vision Fund” in the Oklahoma Constitution.

VOTE NO   This would create Oklahoma’s fourth State-controlled savings account.  It would be called the “Vision Fund” and would divert 5% of existing gross production tax on oil and gas to an investment fund which would in turn make its dividends available for payment of expenses generated by Oklahoma’s government.     We already have the “Emergency Fund”, the “Rainy Day Fund”, and the more recent $1 billion “Tax Settlement Endowment Trust”.  As Trent England of OCPA has pointed out, if the “Tax Settlement Endowment Trust”  (TSET) is an indicator, you and I don’t need the state opening a fourth savings account to warehouse our money.  Watch the debate between OCPAC’s president emeritus, Charlie Meadows, and Senator Adam Pugh here.

State Question 801

Creates a new fund called “The Oklahoma Vision Fund” in the Oklahoma Constitution.

VOTE NO   This would enable the use of ad valorem taxes to be expanded from use in the maintenance of its facilities to use also to pay the salaries of teachers.  With this will come even more requests for government school bonds.   With each additional school bond comes higher property taxes.  We urge you to vote “NO” on State Question 801.  Watch the debate between OCPAC’s president emeritus, Charlie Meadows, and Senator Adam Pugh here, where both SQ 800 and SQ 801 were covered.



We have notes to publish soon on some of these races.  While you will be urged to vote Republican, there are some races more critical than others.


We will not achieve victory without your vote.  Please vote and encourage other like-minded people to be faithful as well.